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How does someone go about accessing their anger. I have a very difficult time recognizing the abuse and thinking it is my own fault in some way ex. How does a person move past this confusion and see it for what it is and become angry about it? This is something to work with in therapy. However, there are exercises in Codependency for Dummies that can help. Also, pay attention to when you are resentful.

Resentment is recycled anger. A passive aggressive abuser? They do seem to go hand in hand. He also fits well into narcissism. Yes, someone can be both P-A and abusive. I suffered from emotional abuse on every level. It made sense. I thought his jealousy was love for me.

We have just recently broken up. Tough times. I still am struggling with the fact that I believed it was another woman cause he would pick a fight, call me fatass and leave. Do emotional abusers usually cheat? I have a 9 year old. He never abused her.

She misses him. Is it okay for them to have a visit or phone call. He is not her dad. Read my blogs on boundaries and breakups and ebook, How to Speak Your Mind , and watch my webinar, How to Be Assertive to set healthy boundaries with your ex. Toni, I am sad to hear you are going through this and I can relate because I too was clueless for a long time. Sometimes I wish I could go back to that point where I thought things were fine. In my opinion you should protect your daughter.

She will miss him for a while but you can comfort her and soon she will find other kind people to be in her life.

Good luck to you both. Mines are his kids 13 yr old twins …. Support, nor visit with them. Yes, they miss him and I have them and myself in therapy to deal with the fallout.

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We are smiling again. Has found a new source that tickles his fancy. Out of sight, out of mind.

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It takes time, non of this is easy. Love on yourself, on your kid s. This too shall pass. It will hon. It will. Is there anyway to stop this kind of behavior without leaving? I have two girls 5 and 1. My husband is hyper critical of everything I do.

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I spent most of my day cleaning but he always finds a problem. I cannot support them! I am going to school online but it will be years before I have my degree and can leave. Is there anything I can do to stop this behavior? I feel so trapped. You need to learn to be assertive and set boundaries. In the past 6 months, I have had growing anxiety and sadness being around my partner of 17 years. Surprisingly, he was the one to suggest couples counseling. We met with the therapist together and then I met with her alone. I was shocked but burst into tears with relief.

This is how subtle this type of abuse can be. I have always thought he did things for me because he loved me so much.

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Is repeated stonewalling a form of abuse? I have been with my partner for 8 years. Then he will say he is too busy. Alternatively, he will change the subject, leave the room or respond with complete silence as if I have not spoken. I have asked if he will go to counselling or read self-help books with me about communication but he has refused. I cannot see a way to resolve this and am unsure if this is abuse.

Yes, it is! Try acting natural. Thank you very much for your response. I really appreciate it. I have ordered the books. That may be a passive-aggressive way of manipulating. I was emotionally abused by my husband for years and have no self esteem and mental problems which resulted. I see the change but I feel broken from before and have huge emotional barriers. He says he can heal me but idk if I want him to.

What should I do, stay and hope or leave and heal myself? Me and my boyfriend have been together for about 2 years and he is constantly telling me how stupid my decisions are and always calling me a bitch. Any time I leave the house and come back, he accuses me of cheating. And acts the same way anytime im on my phone. When I want to go to stay or hangout with friends he makes me out to be the bad one, but I have been diagnosed with bi polar and am mean to him at times at well but he blames us fighting on me everyday.