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With that, here are a few techniques and resources geared towards interactive learning: Students vote on course material. Any teacher who has at least two courses under their belt probably has a treasure trove of their own articles, case studies, and anything that could be used as an alternative to the written lesson plan. Students vote on their own materials. This is an easy way to implement peer review into your activities. Post student work to a class blog and allow students to vote on the best post.

Or, a few times a semester, ask the class to vote on student portfolios. This is a great opportunity to get honest feedback and figure out the areas in which a student excels or could use some work. Students choose a navigation strategy. After an introduction, present learners with a choice for learning about navigation before going on to perform specific tasks.

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Choices for the navigational introduction might be self-guided exploration or a guided tour, for example. Lectures become interactive. A great project idea spearheaded by the Higher Education Academy in the UK, which involves interactive forum presentation as a new approach to learning and teaching, can be found here.

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Passport and Passport Profile are two of six learning apps created by the Purdue Studio project. The apps can be used by instructors or students to enhance the traditional learning experience. It partners with pioneering learning companies, publishers, content providers, and educational institutions to enable personalization at massive scale.

You can learn how to create your own interactive lesson using Youtube here. The Claremont Colleges in California have undertaken an interesting project that involves mapping out the different paths colleges take in implementing the same literacy rubric. Shell Education products provide teachers and students with the best instructional tools necessary to develop the skills they need. for Everyone

Our products make teaching more effective and learning more fun. Check out our extensive product awards! Use this tool to quickly and easily discover how our products correlate to key national, state, and international standards. Contact us at your convenience or to have your local rep reach out for more info and onsite product demonstrations!

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Teacher Created Materials offers resources for the following states and cities. The five principles that can be used to help design effective word study instruction are not just based on opinion, they are grounded in research by recognized experts in the field, done in thousands of classrooms nationwide. Learn more about the five Read More.

For many educators, this is met with a collective sigh of relief.

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At long last, we are talking about more than just academics and standardized testing when it comes Toggle navigation. K Kids Learn! Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8. Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade Our Story For over 40 years Teacher Created Materials has published innovative, imaginative, and award-winning resources for teachers and students in all subjects for Grades K Our Promise Everything we publish is still created by teachers for teachers and students because we've always believed that no one knows what teachers need more than other teachers.

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We would then spend some time looking at book trailers from publishers like those listed below and use Socrative to gauge interest in character types boys vs. We then discuss what choose-your-own-adventure stories ARE and get them thinking about how the books they read could be different with just one or two plot twists Now the fun part--showing off what students have done and having them do a little peer review!! It's a lot of work, but much of it can be outsourced to students :.

The results only go to YOU or the creator of the form , so you can decide how to share results with students! With a little careful sorting and deleting of reviewers' names, you could even print out results to share with each writer!