Chinas Economic Growth: A Miracle with Chinese Characteristics

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This is the opening sequence to the game, which sets the stage of the post-apocalyptic world the game depicts. Kind of a post-apocalyptic dystopia theme, or maybe that's just my imagination. Earlier this week I reported that his post-apocalyptic heist screenplay The Vault was making circles in Hollywood and would probably be purchased in the next week. Log in or sign up to add your own related words. Log in or sign up to get involved in the conversation. It's quick and easy. Community Word of the day Random word Log in or Sign up.

The environmental devastation of California is further exacerbated by a huge oil spill in Santa Barbara last May. In , a similar disaster spilled over 80, barrels of oil and ranks as the third largest oil spill in US history after the Deepwater Horizon and the Exxon Valdez.

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The spill inspired the first Earth Day. Skip to content Skip to footer The Understory.


Wednesday, September 16, I mean, how stupid is that? Are you people smokin' or what? Don't you have something better to do with your time? This is so cute! They spend all this time on this weak and pathetic zombie post but they can't reply to a firefighter asking to become a responder?

For all the people grumbling about the "waste in tax money", I hope you realize that this type of, ahem, "viral marketing" is in fact genius. The CDC has be so successful in creating awareness and buzz about emergency preparedness through this simple blog that their servers are overloaded.

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This is probably one of the reasons why this is up here at FEMA wise decision. In any case, the CDC blog is hardly any expense at all, I mean, what will you do when the zombie horde is scratching at your door? Very well done!

Miranda Otto Interview - Dead Letter Office 1998

There is always a potential for a zombie outbreak! They are right when they say: if you are prepared for a zombies, you are prepared for anything! Hey Anonymous! Take it easy friend, a sense of humor just might get peoples attention, and help them survive a disaster. It got your attention. This article got people that wouldn't normally read a disaster prep article to actually read one. Well done. Anonymous said Be ready We are coming soon.

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Being from Canada I'm shocked that you folks in the US don't have monthly Zombie preparedness meetings like we do here I'm glad to know that you are getting up to speed in the Obama administration on the things that really matter! I love it! Nothing like showing people how to make and plan for an emergency with a little sense of humor. Because you are right, regardless if the emergency is Zombies, Tornadoes, Floods, Fire, etc.

I thought your post was creative and amusing! Good for you! We hear the same warnings at the beginning of every season and this was priceless. As for having something better to do with your time, as a tax payer, I'm quite pleased with your work.

You gave relevant information for emergencies and disasters, albeit tongue-in-cheek! Great job! Agreed, this is awesome marketing for preparedness and a good way to get through to those "not so serious tax payers" like myself. Not everyone is wound so tight Please keep up the great ideas! If you got them to read it, maybe they will think about it.

Typewriters After the Apocalypse

Even it they don't prepare a kit, they will know what to grab on the way out the house. This is great! This is applied public health at its best!

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Communicating by culturally relevant means. I love this! People might actually read it since it's funny and get some educational info at the same time. Yeah, the taxpayers may be paying this person, but it actually wasn't sanctioned by the CDC to start with