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Saving Wishes taps into our deep-seated desire to follow our dreams, find love, and ultimately learn self-acceptance. They story was amazing and addicting. So many plot twists make it intresting throughout. Even though I dislike the fact the you have to buy the second book. The characters are so well developed even though i wish that there was more backround and insight into Adam's charater. Also another thing that made me frustrated was her relationship to her best friend, too much drama for there to be a believable friendship. And the amount of relevant characters was quite scattered.

But the pros greatly outnumber the cons and make this book worthwhile.

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One of my favorite reads so far! When I first started reading I honestly thought I wasn't going to like the book. The more I read the better it got until I was completely absorbed into the story. At times the book is a bit too far fetched but makes for a great romance. I only wish the ending could have told more of a happily ever after. A really good read.

REVIEW: Saving Wishes by GJ Walker-Smith

This book absolutely held my interest, and I would recommend it highly. I think the depiction of their relationship was so fluid and beautiful. We no longer sat at opposite ends of the rickety wooden seat, cautiously trying to figure each other out. We sat together, bound by something neither of us had ever really managed to understand. His words explain enough. The best you can hope for is that you meet somewhere in the middle later on.

For real.

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I think I was living in La-La Land for a few days after finishing. Get ready for more gushing! I picture her like Charli, with her own La-La Land! Charli Blake believes there is more to life than marry in young age and spend her life in her small town.

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She wants to travel around the world, discover new things and figure out who she really is. She spent most of her life makes plan to go from Pipers Cove with her bestfriend, Nicole but then she meet Adam Decarie who change her life forever. Story with characters who don't quite feel fit with their life is one of my favorite stories. I believe in some part everyone will feel that way, at least Charli Blake believes there is more to life than marry in young age and spend her life in her small town.

I believe in some part everyone will feel that way, at least I feel that way in my life. In stories I read I'm eager to know what will the characters do to escape their feeling or to be able to make it fit.

Yet, I'm not a fan of love at first sight or any kind of insta-love story. I always have to struggle to connect and feel the characters' insta-love. I found it in Adam-Charli's relationship I don't believe that they already talked about fate and attraction, if not love on a day they meet. I can't help myself roll my eyes every time they share their feeling. They only spend six days together when Charli thinks that her life pre-Adam already fade, stay away from her bestfriend and forgot her homework. Yet, I like her. She is straight forward, smart, sarcastic and brave in her own way.

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As for Adam I like him for his persistent to Charli and never give her up. Regarding to their love story, it's quite hard for me to believe that they are truly in love but I also think that they are good to be together. Aside the insta-love, I also have problems with Charli and her brother, Alex, think about their small town. On the blurb and along the story, I feel like she constantly says that she is a bad girl, a troublemaker but I didn't see it.

I mean, she is not that bad to be labeled as a troublemaker, maybe it's the way small town think but I found it kind of irritated me. It also happens with Alex view spoiler [ for more than a year, he secretly dates Gabrielle, Charli's French teacher. His reason is to protect Charli from Pipers Cove gossip hide spoiler ]. I understand his reason but when it exposed and everyone knows it, there is nothing major happen. I assumed there will be more drama but when the only thing I get is a few innuendos from the town bully, the Beautiful, makes me think that he's only exaggerated it and it feels like a contradiction to me.

For some readers, this story has surprises. I love surprises in the story but in this case, the big surprise isn't that big I practically can figure it out in less than half of the story. But I still like and enjoy reading it.

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And Charli's decision and the way it ended is what makes me think that this is more than okay story, though it didn't blow me away. I'll definitely read its sequel Second Hearts. Purely Spellbinding!

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I have to admit, it's the cover that first caught my eye and once I read the blurb, well it sealed the deal. With dreams of travelling the world with her best friend, Charlotte or as she prefers to be called Charli, is not your average teenage girl. Charli has a free spirit, she's adventures and likes to live spontaneously. Living in such a small Purely Spellbinding! Living in such a small town nothing is kept secret and everyone knows everybody's business, and Charli had become known for her craziness as the troublemaker.

But see causing trouble was the only way to have a little fun. Adam, is such a gorgeous character not only is he completely swoon worthy but he is also smart, sweet, generous, bold and did I mention he speaks French?! Adam had come to town to visit his cousin and when he met Charli things started to happen. Walker-Smith has written a truly beautiful story. From the very first page I was sucked in, Charli tells her story with such conviction you can't help but feel like you're there watching it unfold.

All the characters bring along something special, even the ones you want to smack in the face which there are quite a few , lol. The plot is full of twists and turns, I had my mouth hanging open a few times, lol. Walker-Smith knows how to keep her readers on their toes.

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  8. And she also knows how to keep them coming back for more, I know that I'm dying to get my hands on book two, Second Hearts. Which from Goodreads, is already out. So I'm off to purchase my copy and get back into this astoundingly addictive story. Aug 07, Abbie rated it really liked it. Saving Wishes was a good read. I liked Charli. She put up a tough front, but underneath it, she was funny, sweet, and a really likable character. Her french classes got me laughing quite a few times, and i could understand why she hated them so much. I was so bad at French and Spanish at school!

    I liked most of the other characters too, apart from "The beautiful's" and her apparent best friend. I really didn't like her by the end of the book! The pacing was good, and the twist in this was great. I Saving Wishes was a good read. I didn't see it coming at all! May 14, Jess rated it it was amazing Shelves: aussie-authors , could-not-put-down , aww , ebooks.

    Every now and then you stumble across a truly fantastic author who is able to capture not only your attention, but your heart as well within a matter of a few pages. Australian born and bred GJ Walker-Smith is one of these authors. Little did I know back then in my early blogging days just how much this book and author would come to mean to me and what it had Every now and then you stumble across a truly fantastic author who is able to capture not only your attention, but your heart as well within a matter of a few pages.

    Little did I know back then in my early blogging days just how much this book and author would come to mean to me and what it had the capacity to do to me not only as a person, but as a reader and a dreamer. In fact, I believe that Adam is saved by the spunky little firecracker that is Charli, as she challenges his beliefs in everything he has ever known about his world when Charli invites him to see the world through her eyes. As a whole Adam is an… interesting character who is sure to make you angry and frustrated one minute with his narrow mind and selfish ways and yet makes you swoon the next with his romantic antics and the love he has for a certain rebel.

    And for that, I think I want him as my book boyfriend! The narrative was beautifully constructed, and despite having been able to predict a certain moment in the book, I found it completely touching and true to life. In fact, over a year later I still think of the power of THAT scene and the way it moved me and transformed the book.