Chinas Economic Growth: A Miracle with Chinese Characteristics

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You can blame evolution for that one. Researchers have conducted multitudinous studies, finding that the sight of a woman with an hourglass shape activates the same reward centers in the male brain that are associated with drugs and alcohol. However, if a male were to see the same woman without that particular waist-to-hip ratio, their reward centers would not be activated.

11 secrets men won't tell you

Speaking from an evolutionary standpoint, men likely still affiliate curvaceous hips with fertility, thus finding women with hourglass shapes preferable for mating. Men only use the left side of their brain, which is associated with language, to listen, while women use both sides of their brain to listen. Since women are utilizing more language processing centers than men, women are able to multitask while listening, while men need more concentrated focus on a conversation.

Research from the University of Sheffield in England also demonstrates that men process women's voices differently than they do men's voices, likely due to the fact that women's voices are more complex and convey more information. When men listen to women's voices, it switches on a part of the brain that processes the sound of music. However, when men listen to other men's voices, the part of their brain that is connected with imagery is activated. Through brain imaging, scientists have found that when men feel pain, their cognitive, analytical centers are activated.

In contrast, when women feel pain, their limbic system, a. Again, there is plausible evolutionary reason for this: women who feel pain may be going into nurturing, protective overdrive on behalf of their young; whereas men, the defenders of the home and land, aren't upset about the pain, they just want to stop it. Psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen, has delineated the male brain as a brain that is wired for "systemizing," while the female brain is a brain that is wired for "empathizing. Men, in their roles as the hunter and protector, needed the ability to be detached and kill animals and people to feed and defend their families.

While women, as caregivers, needed the ability to nurture and raise their children. In addition, it has been found that mirror neurons play a role in empathy as well. As their name implies, these particular neurons cause us to mirror actions and emotions that are depicted to us. Studies have found that women have more sensitive mirror neurons than men, allowing women to better detect and understand emotional cues.

The reason for never seeing your boyfriend cry is twofold—social and biological.

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The amygdala is a part of the brain that controls emotional responses. In men, the amygdala communicates with just a select few parts of the brain, such as the visual cortex and the part that is responsible for movement. In women, the amygdala is more linked to the parts of the brain that control language, possibly explaining why women like to talk about their feelings so frequently. They were each sitting there, all alone with their grief, not with a friend.

I could sense a deep hunger for real connection. Will boys continue to be compelled to ignore that hunger? And then he left. Tell us what you think.

The bedroom secrets of teenage boys

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You need to buy us a drink first. Nearly all of our male friends were gained like in The Walking Dead. There are some in our group of friends that we regret letting in, but men tend to let them die on the vine, versus confront them and cast them out. That is fucked up. Fuck that guy. So just understand that some of the guys I know are dead to me already. Like the time the front desk woman at the YMCA told me that she liked my hair.

When I am zoned out and pissed off about nothing, this is why. The dog understands it. Once a month is all we need, just as long as you are not there. Women bond through communication.


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