Chinas Economic Growth: A Miracle with Chinese Characteristics

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And while he remains a rounding error in the polls, his modest momentum reflects the enduring hunger for unconventional candidates. What matters, Yang suggests, is to think differently than Washington does.

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Yang was wearing his signature American-flag scarf, and he offered me a high-five, which is something he likes to do a lot. When I asked about it, Yang said he often has people approach him to say how excited they are about that.

True Change (How Outsiders on the Inside Get Things Done in Organizations)

Yang, 44, was born in New York to two immigrants from Taiwan. He graduated from high school in Exeter, N. His career got off to a tough start: He spent mere months working as a corporate lawyer at Davis Polk and Wardwell in New York before, he says, he quickly became bored with it.

Next he launched a failed Internet company called Stargiving, which raised money for charity by auctioning off celebrity experiences. He worked for a mobile software company called Crisp Wireless as vice president of their business and legal department and at a health-care start-up called MMF Systems. Then he ran a tutoring company that was acquired by test-prep giant Kaplan in for an undisclosed amount.

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In , Yang founded an organization called Venture for America. His vision was to train entrepreneurs and dispatch them around the country to help create job growth. Along the way, Yang married and had two kids, including an autistic son. In a way, Yang credits the latter experience with fueling his campaign for president. Until then, Yang had suffered only minor adversity.

Yang wanted to try it. Yang set off on his uphill battle as a presidential candidate.

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One possible explanation for these counterintuitive findings is that generating breakthroughs involves not just coming up with ideas, but choosing which ideas to test. Those with enough expertise to generate an idea, but not enough to dismiss it untried, end up testing more ideas and, even though most still fail, every once in awhile they discover an untried idea that leads to disruptive innovation.

The good news is that many organizations are realizing the power of outsiders for bringing up innovation. One example of this new approach to finding talent comes from Fuse Corps , a San Francisco-based nonprofit that leverages the outsider dynamic by pairing entrepreneurs and mid-career professionals inside city and state governments through one-year fellowships that provide a much needed innovation injection. Fuse Corps Fellows are passionate about making changes in government, but they also bring fresh ideas about how to do it that come from their diverse sets of experience.

I am associate professor of management at the College of Business at Oral Roberts University, where I teach courses on creativity, innovation, leadership, and organizati Best-selling author, award-winning podcaster, and management professor.